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Bug spray, sunscreen, and protective clothing are staples of summer safety here in Texas. It’s simple. You’d like to avoid taking a creepy-crawly pest with you when you’re out in the yard. You also don’t want to be attacked by swarms or nests when working in the garden, garage, or shed.   

So, whether you suffer from allergies and sensitivities or don’t like bugs, this is the perfect time to schedule your lawn spray service! You can’t rely on citronella candles and mosquito netting to do the job effectively. Pest Management Services can help with lawn spray projects. Here’s why it’s so important.   

Lawn Spray is a Safety Precaution    

You must be prepared even if you haven’t yet noticed a ton of pests. Nobody wants their picnic ruined by vampiric wee mosquitos, biting ants, or the bad temper of a surprised wasp. Many animals are fine until disturbed, but you won’t know where they’re hiding until wasps swarm or ants stream out. Some animals like termites and carpenter ants can cause expensive damage to decks, gazebos, and the structure of your home!  

Even if you haven’t noticed swarming bugs, they could just be waiting to emerge. Junebugs, beetles, termites, and moths are just a few examples of bugs that are dormant until their season arrives. At Pest Management Services, we offer our lawn spray service as a preemptive step to make your home and yard safe and comfortable this hot, humid season. We can help you plan and prepare, so you’ll avoid those unwanted pests and critters.   

Pests Have Moved In   

Pests and critters hang out in those cool, dark areas in woodpiles and under porches, overhangs, and decks. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them stay. When Junebugs catch in your hair or caterpillars fall on your plate, it’s a quick way to ruin your special event. You might even be allergic to mosquitoes or bees. Your guests may have sensitivities or phobias even if it doesn’t bother you. So keep everyone safer and calmer at the next lawn party by preventing the arrival of bugs, spiders, and beetles. At Pest Management Services, our lawn spray service gets to the root of the problem before it becomes a chaotic mess.   

Your Yard and Garden Should Feel Like Home  

Your outdoor space should feel like your oasis, a safe place you call home. At Pest Management Services, our lawn spray service helps clear out and protect your outdoor spaces so you can trim, mow, and landscape to your heart’s content.  Our team is dedicated to offering the comprehensive lawn spray service you need, so you’ll feel safe and comfortable enough to enjoy your lawn and garden.   

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