Bed Bug Treatment

image of bed bug

Bed Bugs infest more than Beds

Waking up scratching and feeling anxious about what might be crawling around in your bed? 

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bugs are many people’s worst nightmare. Your bed should be a place to relax and get rest; not a place to worry about bugs and the harmful effects they bring along!

Bed Bugs can infest and breed inside of a mattress and will come out at night to drink the blood of whatever mammal they can find. In most cases that is the person sleeping on the infested bed, but it can also be the family pet.

Bed Bug bites can be painful, itchy and very irritating, sometimes causing fever and a feeling of tiredness.

While annoying, bed bug bites are usually the first sign many people notice when an infestation begins as the bugs only surface during the night. Sometimes people will see the pests in the bed or dead bugs around the house as well.

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Bed Bugs – A Misnomer?

Bed Bugs are best known for infesting beds, but in actuality, they can and will nest in many different areas of the house.

Aside from their namesake location of infestation, Bed bugs can be found nesting in couches, sofas, chairs, clothing, luggage, backpacks and more. Surprisingly enough, they can also make their home in paintings, as well as the walls of homes!

Commonly, individuals will notice damage to electrical outlets when a bed bug problem manifests in such areas.

Something else to keep in mind is their travel routes, such as through air ducts and false ceilings.

Bed Bug Extermination Process

Exterminating Bed bugs in the home can be difficult, as Bed bugs can survive up to a year without feeding. Often, repeated treatments are required.

Typically these Bed bug treatments include heating the room to very high temperatures for just over an hour, vacuuming, washing clothes at high temperatures, and the use of various pesticides.

It’s essential for a pest control specialist to handle infestations thoroughly, as Bed bugs can develop resistance to certain pesticides.

Not only is it important to contact a Pest Management Service specialist for help in Bed bug infestations, but also to work hand-in-hand in prevention.

A Bed bug treatment will commonly last a few hours and involves the spraying and treatment of pesticides. Once the spraying of the affected areas concludes, it is strongly recommended to wash (in high temperatures) all sheets and linens in the common areas that were affected by the infestation. Once treated the bed frame and box spring should be carefully examined and cleaned to clear the affected area of bed bugs entirely.