Rodent Treatment

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Unwanted Pest

Rodents are an unwanted pest, let Pest Management Services remove them from your property. We can also control ground squirrels and prairie dogs.

Rodent Control Lubbock

Pest Management Services of Lubbock, TX specializes in rodent control. We can also control ground squirrels and prairie dogs. We have almost 40 years of experience.

Mice and Rats

This order of pest is prevalent here on the south plains. The house mouse can cause damage to crops as well as stored foods in your home. Depending on the time of year, these rodents can range from a minor problem to an outright invasion. Most of the time when dealing with a rodent problem, you can judge the severity very quickly by the number of droppings you find in a specific area. If you see large amounts in a relatively small area, you may have a more severe problem.

Rodent Problems in Lubbock

A rodent-borne disease can be a concern in several different ways. Hantavirus is one of the more well-known problems but isn’t as familiar as you would think in this region. However, if you feel you have any flu-like symptoms after handling rodent carcasses or cleaning up their droppings, you should consult your doctor immediately. We have several different ways to treat for different types of rodents.

For most rodent problems, we can treat the affected area (usually a crawlspace or attic) with a bait product that doesn’t make a mess or stain things like many over the counter products. While many of these products may claim to “make the mouse smell better” or “dry the mouse up,” unfortunately there is no product sold that can support this claim.

If your concern is a family pet or young child, we can use different rodent control methods that are safer and less toxic than conventional baiting methods. We can also use live traps in certain situations if you would instead use the “catch and release” process. No matter your concern, we can develop a program that fits your personal needs and concerns as well as your budget.

We are members of the National Pest Management Association and the Texas Pest Control Association.

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