Cockroach Treatment

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Common Pest

Cockroaches are a common Lubbock pest that can get out of hand quickly.

Cockroach Control

With many years of experience in not only cockroach extermination but in pest control as well, we are your top Lubbock choice when it comes to these unnerving pests.  Contact us today to see how we can solve your cockroach infestation.


While there are several different types of cockroaches on the South Plains, there are only three types that generally become a big enough problem that the average customer feels the need to do something about it.

Oriental Cockroaches

Often referred to as “Waterbugs,” these invaders usually come inside in search of food, water or shelter depending on the time of year and environment.

This type of cockroach can thrive almost anywhere we do. Many times people find this type of roach scurrying under the refrigerator when they turn the kitchen light on when they get up for a midnight snack.

Unless you have a severe infestation, we recommend quarterly pest control service to keep this problem under control.

German Cockroach

It’s hard to miss it when you have a German cockroach problem. This is the type you find running along the countertop or in your cabinets when you are cooking dinner. They may even be living in a microwave or toaster.

German cockroaches are the ones referred to when you hear “they will be the only thing left after a nuclear war.” This type of cockroach reproduces much more quickly than the Oriental or American cockroach and usually requires a 3-month program.

We can even treat these with bait products if you have a concern about chemicals being close to your food products, or you can’t deal with emptying your cabinets.

American Cockroach

Although much less common than the Oriental or German cockroach, the American cockroach is usually found in water meters, sewage treatment areas and even in large commercial buildings.

American Cockroaches are much larger and at times may appear to “fly” when disturbed. Having an American cockroach infestation usually indicates a moisture problem of some kind, but once resolved, we can solve this problem quickly and easily.

No matter the type of cockroach problem you have, contact us today, and one of our friendly staff can help you determine what we can do for you.

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