Maintaining a pest-free environment in your living space is crucial, regardless of whether you’re a landlord or tenant. In apartments and condominiums especially, pest control becomes even more important, as they are usually high-traffic areas with many common walls. In other words, you can attract pests from several sources.

Pests in an apartment or condominium pose problems for tenants and landlords. Outside of the health hazards that insect or rodent infestations can bring, pests in your living spaces could potentially violate lease agreements. The presence of pests can bring down the property value of your space and ruin the longevity of the apartment or condo.

Who Handles Pest Control in a Rental Property?

The pest control responsibility depends on your rental agreements and the laws where you live. In Texas, Property Code 92 states that a property owner is responsible for delivering a habitable home to the tenant. This responsibility typically involves routine pest control services, especially when pest issues existed before move-in. Part of providing a habitable, livable space also includes consideration for the structural integrity of the walls and perimeter of the space.

Of course, as the tenant, you’re responsible for your personal hygiene and tidiness to prevent the introduction of pests into your apartment or condo. Alert your landlord if you notice initial signs of pests or possible entry-points via cracks or holes in walls or corners. Communicate to ensure you fully understand and accept your responsibility and liability for pest management.

How To Prevent Pest Issues

The best way to create a pest-free environment is to prevent pests from entering your apartment in the first place. You should always be aware of where pests might be entering your home and take steps to avoid those infestations.

  • Don’t leave doors open for too long.
  • Regularly use all your drains and pipes to make them uninhabitable for creepy crawlers.
  • Check your window screens.
  • Install door sweeps.
  • Monitor any cracks or entry points for pests.

Maintain a livable space for you but make your apartment or condo uninhabitable for pests. As you keep your home clean and organized, pests won’t be attracted to your space.

  • Avoid leaving food out or accessible to pests.
  • Promptly take out the trash.
  • Dust and vacuum often.

When it comes to bigger pest issues and more hands-on pest control, leave that to the professionals. Many sprays can be toxic when misused, and many “natural” remedies prove ineffective. That’s why we at Pest Management highly recommend that you give us a call before taking on pest control on your own.

Do Apartments Need Monthly Pest Control?

You should always schedule routine appointments for pest control. The frequency will often vary depending on the age of your building, whether the space is often messy or dirty, and whether there have been recent issues with rodents and other pests. If you’re uncertain about when to schedule your appointment, you can start with quarterly pest control with greater frequency as needed to support a pest-free environment.

At Pest Management, we can also consult with you on the best schedule to meet your needs. We have the experience and knowledge you need to deal with critters of all kinds. We offer safe and reliable pest management services in Lubbock. Contact us at 806-794-4567 to learn more about our services and how you can safeguard your apartment.