Termite Baiting Systems

Managing termites can be a tedious process and the solution needs to be tailored to each situation. Things to be considered are the structure of the property and the location of the termite colonies. You should hire a professional pest control company to properly evaluate and thoroughly investigate your property. If you are suspicious of termites in your area, it’s a good idea to have an inspection done annually.

One of the most common methods is to use a termite baiting system. Termite baits consist of cardboard, paper, or other cellulose-rich termite food, together with a slow-acting substance that is deadly to termites. The bait must be inviting to the termites and preferably not competing with other cellulose-rich materials in that area. Sick or dead termites may appear in the vicinity If the bait kills too quickly. If other termites notice dead termites they might avoid the area altogether. Using a delayed-acting poison enables the termites to transfer the chemicals to the rest of the colony.

Sentricon plastic bait stations can be installed in your yard below ground. Also, above ground near termite mud tubes. Mud tubes are structures that Subterranean Termites use to move back and forth from their nest to their food source. You can read more about mud tubes here. (link to 5 signs you may have termites or future relevant link)

Termites looking to make new nests may come into contact with baiting systems. Baiting systems can spread and stop the infestations before they make their way to your property.
Baiting systems can help gradually eliminate the species from around your property and ensure they don’t make their way into your home.

Until a few years ago, the only methods suitable for subterranean termite control were the traditional barrier treatments that used large amounts of chemicals. This involved drilling holes through your foundation and digging ditches around your property. Baiting systems are used as a way to remove unwanted termites from your property and can help prevent them from reaching your home.

Some homes may only use liquid or chemical treatments. Others may be a combination of baiting and chemical treatments. Using both methods allows for a reduction in the amount of pesticide used.

No termite control method can guarantee you will never get termites again. However, it can greatly reduce the risk of termites causing serious damage to your home or property. Here at Pest management services we are devoted to keeping your property pest free!

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