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Ants can ruin so much more than just a picnic. Due to Lubbock’s unique climate several different species of Ants can make their home in the Hub City.

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Ant Control Lubbock

Ants can ruin so much more than just a picnic. Due to Lubbock’s unique climate several different species of Ants can make their home in the Hub City. What is more interesting is that certain species of ants will behave differently in Lubbock versus the rest of Texas. Here are some of the common species of ants you might find on your property and the possible damage they can cause.


Termites can be mistaken for flying ants. Termites have straight antennae and straight bodies. Their wings are of equal length, and their bodies are lightly colored.

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Flying Ants

Carpenter ants while similar to termites have distinct differences. Their bodies are colored dark and are pinched with three different segments. They have bent antennae. Flying Ants’ wings are different sizes and the hind wings being shorter than termite’s.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are notoriuos for both their appearance and their bite. According to top entomologists at Texas Tech University Fire Ants have been present in Lubbock since 1984. Due to the relatively arid climate Fire Ants do not build tall mounds in Lubbock that they are traditionally associated with. Instead Fire Ants will build short 2 inch mounds covered in a coffee grounds-like substance. These mounds will commonly be built next to sidewalks or roads to leech off the pavement’s heat and to take advantage of water run off.

Many different ant species mounds can appear to have this coffee-grounds-like substance on top, but what separates Fire Ants from other species is their aggressiveness. If a Fire Ant mound is disturbed hundreds of ants can come pouring out at once in an effort to protect their hive. The aggressive nature of the fire ant makes it all the more crucial to contact a Lubbock pest control specialist immediately upon finding an infestation.

Rasberry Crazy Ants

Rasberry Crazy Ants have made the news in recent years because of their status as an agricultural pest. These ants go after crops as well as hives of the common honey bee, making their behavior especailly damaging to the Lubbock area. These ants are thought to have first made it to Texas through shipping ports in Houston around 2002 and are known to be resistant against common forms of ant killer.

While Rasberry Crazy Ants do not string like Fire Ants do, their damage can be much more costly. Rasberry Crazy Ants can swarm a property with numbers ranging in the tens of thousands and destroy crops and bee hives which are crucial for the pollination of crops. It is crucial to contact a pest management specialist quickly when you suspect your property might contain Rasberry Crazy Ants.

Flying Ants

Flying ants can be confused with another winged pest, the termite. There are specific differences between the two that are worth noting. Flying ants have bent antennae and a pinched waist where the termite has straight antennae and a straight body.

Flying Ants do not bite but can sting. They are usually found in clumps and masses after a rainstorm on pavement or sidewalks. This is because high amounts of rain can drive them from their homes in the ground. Typically flying ants do not post a serious risk of infestations. So while their clumping behavior can seem intimidating when found after a rainstorm, they will typically disperse in a few days by themselves.